I use macbook pro 2013 os: high sierra

higin : 2018.0.0.5abfb4de7961 

I can't find the path

saved project

I nerver assigned tmpdir. 

2018년 4월 10일 화요일 오전 2시 22분 31초 UTC+9, T. Modes 님의 말:
> Am Montag, 9. April 2018 16:03:04 UTC+2 schrieb Paul Yang:
>> Could not open project 
>> file:/private/var/folders/tn/xvbzh64d1fzcttckmsj_bk800000gn/T/TemporaryItems/
> Which Hugin version? Does it also happen with 2018.0?
> Which OS?
> Does the path exists? Did you saved your project file in this path?
> Or have you assigned this path to the TMPDIR? Or have you set it as 
> temporary folder in Hugin preferences?

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