Hi Alexander,

as Thomas already said we need more details. If you use enblend for 
blending your images I am also interested in the command line arguments you 
provided. Can you share the .pto file with us?

Also did you add more images to the project than needed, e.g. are images 
overlapping almost completely? If that´s the case please try to deactivate 
redundant images (using the Fast Preview Window). 

Does it work better if you change the order of images (in the Photos tab) 
so that the image in the affected part of your panorama is used earlier in 
the blending process?


Am Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018 17:57:53 UTC+2 schrieb Alexander Rabtchevich:

> When I try to make one panorama from 8 tiffs (4500x3008 pixels each), 
> larger part of the resulting image is filled with the blue or yellow 
> color. Images are not overexposed, each of them have excluding mask (but 
> one having including one.) The masks have enough required corresponding 
> space in other images. The result is bad both with and without GPU. 

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