In1993 the US Government carried out a 2 part investigation into the Hum
Part 1 investigated the acoustic properties of the Hum. The final report 
was published in full and concluded that the Hum had NO acoustic properties.
Part 2 investigated the electromagnetic properties of the Hum. The findings 
of Part 2 were NOT published but were classified as secret. Attempts to 
access Part 2 using the US Freedom of Information Act  were refused

On Monday, January 1, 2018 at 12:13:10 PM UTC, wrote:
> I built a Faraday cage out of a lorry box and when I am sick of the noise 
> in my ears I go in there to read. It is 100% conductive and covered IE no 
> light.  Although it does not attenuate all the signals it does do it enough 
> to make the noise stop after about 20 minutes. I also have a cave and that 
> does it too.
>     Does any one know how to stop TETRA?  Its very penetrating. 20 feet of 
> rock. ELF are more difficult to stop.  God help us if they use a low 
> frequency for 5G. How does it propagate please?
> On Monday, November 6, 2017 at 3:48:21 PM UTC+1, John Dawes wrote:
>> I an attempt to make the properties of the Hum a little clearer I have 
>> posted a short video showing how to detect and measure the Hum

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