*Newsletter of All India Secular Forum*

*Volume. 11       No.7       September-October 2016*

*From the Editor’s Desk*

The turmoil in Kashmir following Burhan Wani’s encounter has precipitated a
long chain reaction. After his death there was a big upsurge in Kashmir and
stone throwing protesters were relentless. This was met with the firings
with pellet guns and a long curfew. Nearly hundred people died and
thousands were injured, some lost their eyesight. Nearly two months after
this eruption, the terrorists crossed security rings, came nearly ten miles
on India side of Kashmir and gunned down 18 Indian soldiers when they were
sleeping. In retaliatory action on LOC Indian army undertook an operation
destroying launch pads of the terrorists.

Media created frenzy projected it as the big action from Indian side. While
the pre election claims of BJP that if Modi will be the Prime Minister
terrorists will not dare to come in lies shattered, the whole region has
gone in to a turmoil not witnessed in many decades. The UN Secretary
General Ban-Ki Moon has offered to negotiate between the two estranged
neighbors while the proposed SARRC summit lies shattered. The area needs
peace. Kashmiri people need a respite from the culture of violence and
terror. The youth and other people of Kashmir remain so disturbed that
every provocation leads to massive protests, the life in the valley gets
fractured for long times.

The present focus of neighboring countries is centered on the land of
Kashmir. What is more pertinent is to see that Kashmiri people are properly
taken care of, their grievances addressed. The demand of autonomy has been
the one picked up from the ‘treaty of accession’ to India. The heavy
presence of army in the civilian area for such a long time is a matter of
great discomfort to people. There is an urgent need for getting people
around the table, to have multi level, multi layered talks for the peace in
the state.

Ram Puniyani


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 *    - *गुजरात में चल रहे “आज़ादी कूच” के समर्थन

       में भोपाल

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     - Workshop on perspectives of culture and


      - Lecture on *Nuclear weapons in South Asia: *

*           Programmes, Plans and Dangers by M.V. Ramana*

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 - All India Secular Forum extends solidarity with the Aazadi Kooch, a Pad
Yatra organised by the Una Dalit Atyachar Ladat Samiti

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*    - **मोरारजी भाई के अनुसार गोडसे आरएसएस का *

*  सदस्य था  **- **एल**.**एस**. **हरदेनिया*

*5. Campaign*

      - Striving for peace

      - An open letter to Rashtriya Muslim Manch of

        RSS on Its plan to hoist tricolor at Madrasaas in


      - Modi and India’s Dalits

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