Greetings Red Hat Partners,

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of updated
Red Hat Certification 5.10 and associated test suite package updates
(listed below). This Red Hat Certification package update *is* an
official release and should be used for all new Red Hat certification
submissions. Successful results from the previous certification test
suite will be accepted for a period of 90 days.

The updated Red Hat Certification packages listed below are available
on the Red Hat Customer Portal at the following location:



This release includes enhancements and bug fixes as follows:
1. Product naming is updated to match the download channels on the
Customer Portal.  Partners should now select the appropriate variant
instead of "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" when opening a new certification
for the following architectures:
  * Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power 9
  * Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power, big endian
  * Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power, little endian
  * Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z (Structure A)
  * Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM z System

2. A select-all and clear-all checkbox is added to simplify feature
selection when opening Red Hat OpenStack Platform certifications.

3. The sosreport test now utilizes sosreport limit options. This can
be controlled for debugging using the maximum-sos-plugin-size node in
rhcert.xml when instructed.

4. An individual result file may now be submitted using the
"rhcert-cli submit" command using the --results argument.
   * rhcert-cli submit --results [FILE]

5. The openstack-baremetal/supportable tests will now log the RHOSP
release version from SUT in the LogOpenstackVersion subtest.

6. The Hardware Test Suite guide now includes the steps of creating a
system pass-through certification using an existing specification

7. The Hardware Certification Test Suite User guide now includes the
steps to submit the test result files via command line.

8. The Red Hat Certification Web UI now has an option to remove a
system under test (SUT) from certification progress page. This action
will delete all test result data related to the SUT that have not
already been submitted to Red Hat.

9. The inspect stage subtest in the Ironic test now captures the
system hardware data from the provisioned system.

10. The enrolling subtest in the Ironic test will only provision the
first node from the nodes present in instackenv.json

The complete changelog for each package may be found on the download
page by selecting the package name followed by selecting the ChangeLog

If you encounter any problems, please file bugs against the "Red Hat
Certification Program" product in Red Hat Bugzilla
( Note that this may be a change for some
users who are used to using the old "Red Hat Hardware Certification
Program" product.

We value your ongoing participation in Red Hat certification, software
development, and testing efforts. Thank you for your continued
partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please do not
hesitate to contact your partner manager or engineering account

The Red Hat Certification Team

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