The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release of

v1.1.2 is a minor bug fix release.  All hwloc users are encouraged to
upgrade when possible.

hwloc provides command line tools and a C API to obtain the hierarchical
map of key computing elements, such as: NUMA memory nodes, shared
caches, processor sockets, processor cores, and processor "threads".
hwloc also gathers various attributes such as cache and memory
information, and is portable across a variety of different operating
systems and platforms.

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.1.1:

* Fix a segfault in the distance-based grouping code when some objects
  are not placed in any group. Thanks to Bernd Kallies for reporting
  the problem and providing a patch.
* Fix the command-line parsing of hwloc-bind --mempolicy interleave.
  Thanks to Guy Streeter for reporting the problem.
* Stop truncating the output in hwloc_obj_attr_snprintf() and in the
  corresponding lstopo output. Thanks to Guy Streeter for reporting the
* Fix object levels ordering in synthetic topologies.
* Fix potential incoherency between device tree and kernel information,
  when SMT is disabled on Power machines.
**Fix and document the behavior of hwloc_topology_set_synthetic() in case
  of invalid argument. Thanks to Guy Streeter for reporting the problem.
* Add some verbose error message reporting when it looks like the OS
  gives erroneous information.
* Do not include unistd.h and stdint.h in public headers on Windows.
* Move config.h files into their own subdirectories to avoid name
  conflicts when AC_CONFIG_HEADERS adds -I's for them.
* Remove the use of declaring variables inside "for" loops.
* Some other minor fixes.
* Many minor documentation fixes.

Several minor changes were applied since the first release candidate,
including the ** line above.

Brice Goglin

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