The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the second
release candidate for v1.3:

v1.3rc2 is the second milestone of a major feature release. It took
several weeks of work since v1.3rc1 because we had to implement XML
support without requiring libxml2. v1.3rc2 also contains all fixes
recently released in v1.2.2. See the updated NEWS list below.

The most noticeable improvement in the v1.3 series is still the
addition of PCI objects to the topology. Note that it requires
pciutils development headers (libpci-dev or pciutils-devel package
depending on your platform).

Please try hwloc out on your system, read its improved documentation,
and send us your feedback. 

Version 1.3.0
* Major features
  + Add I/O devices and bridges to the topology using the pciutils
    library. Only enabled after setting the relevant flag with
    hwloc_topology_set_flags() before hwloc_topology_load(). See the
    I/O Devices section in the documentation for details.
* Discovery improvements
  + Add associativity to the cache attributes.
  + Add support for s390/z11 "books" on Linux.
  + Add the HWLOC_GROUPING_ACCURACY environment variable to relax
    distance-based grouping constraints. See the Environment Variables
    section in the documentation for details about grouping behavior
    and configuration.
  + Allow user-given distance matrices to remove or replace those
    discovered by the OS backend.
* XML improvements
  + XML is now always supported: a minimalistic custom import/export
    code is used when libxml2 is not available. It is only guaranteed
    to read XML files generated by hwloc.
  + hwloc_topology_export_xml() and export_xmlbuffer() now return an
  + Add hwloc_free_xmlbuffer() to free the buffer allocated by
  + Hide XML topology error messages unless HWLOC_XML_VERBOSE=1.
* Minor API updates
  + Add hwloc_obj_add_info to customize object info attributes.
* Tools
  + lstopo now displays I/O devices by default. Several options are
    added to configure the I/O discovery.
  + hwloc-calc and hwloc-bind now accept I/O devices as input.
  + Add --restrict option to hwloc-calc and hwloc-distribute.
  + Add --sep option to change the output field separator in hwloc-calc.
  + Add --whole-system option to hwloc-ps.

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