The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.4.2:

(mirrors will be updated soon)

v1.4.2 is a bug fix release which addresses all known bugs in the
v1.4 serie. The following is a summary of the changes since v1.4.1.

* Fix build on Solaris 9 and earlier when fabsf() is not a compiler
  built-in. Thanks to Igor Galić for reporting the problem.
* Fix support for more than 32 processors on Windows. Thanks to Hartmut
  Kaiser for reporting the problem.
* Fix process-wide binding and cpulocation routines on Linux when some
  threads disappear in the meantime. Thanks to Vlad Roubtsov for reporting
  the issue.
* Make installed scripts executable. Thanks to Jirka Hladky for reporting
  the problem.
* Fix libtool revision management when building for Windows. This fix was
  also released as hwloc v1.4.1.1 Windows builds. Thanks to Hartmut Kaiser
  for reporting the problem.
* Fix the __hwloc_inline keyword in public headers when compiling with a
  C++ compiler.
* Add Port info attribute to network OS devices inside OpenFabrics PCI
  devices so as to identify which interface corresponds to which port.
* Document requirements for interoperability helpers: I/O devices discovery
  is required for some of them; the topology must match the current host
  for most of them.

The only change since v1.4.2rc1 is the __hwloc_inline C++ fix.


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