The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
release candidate for v1.5:

v1.5rc1 is the first milestone of a major feature release. The most
noticeable changes are the addition of the lstopo-no-graphics program
(which does require any heavy external library such as Cairo) and the
discovery of instruction caches. There are also many small improvements
to all backends, and some deprecated features have been removed.

* Backends
  + Do not limit the number of processors to 1024 on Solaris anymore.
  + Gather total machine memory on FreeBSD.
  + XML topology files do not depend on the locale anymore. Float numbers
    such as NUMA distances or PCI link speeds now always use a dot as a
    decimal separator.
  + Add instruction caches detection on Linux, AIX, Windows and Darwin.
  + Add get_last_cpu_location() support for the current thread on AIX.
  + Support binding on AIX when threads or processes were bound with
    bindprocessor(). Thanks to Hendryk Bockelmann for reporting the issue
    and testing patches, and to Farid Parpia for explaining the binding
  + Improve AMD topology detection in the x86 backend (for FreeBSD) using
    the topoext feature.
  + Increase HWLOC_API_VERSION to 0x00010500 so that API changes may be
    detected at build-time.
  + Add a cache type attribute describind Data, Instruction and Unified
    caches. Caches with different types but same depth (for instance L1d
    and L1i) are placed on different levels.
  + Add hwloc_get_cache_type_depth() to retrieve the hwloc level depth of
    of the given cache depth and type, for instance L1i or L2.
    It helps  disambiguating the case where hwloc_get_type_depth() returns
  + Instruction caches are ignored unless HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_ICACHES is
    passed to hwloc_topology_set_flags() before load.
  + Add hwloc_ibv_get_device_osdev_by_name() OpenFabrics helper in
    openfabrics-verbs.h to find the hwloc OS device object corresponding to
    an OpenFabrics device.
* Tools
  + Add lstopo-no-graphics, a lstopo built without graphical support to
    avoid dependencies on external libraries such as Cairo and X11. When
    supported, graphical outputs are only available in the original lstopo
    - Packagers splitting lstopo and lstopo-no-graphics into different
      packages are advised to use the alternatives system so that lstopo
      points to the best available binary.
  + Instruction caches are enabled in lstopo by default. User --no-icaches
    to disable them.
  + Add -t/--threads to show threads in hwloc-ps.
* Removal of obsolete components
  + Remove the old cpuset interface (hwloc/cpuset.h) which is deprecated and
    superseded by the bitmap API (hwloc/bitmap.h) since v1.1.
    hwloc_cpuset and nodeset types are still defined, but all hwloc_cpuset_*
    compatibility wrappers are now gone.
  + Remove Linux libnuma conversion helpers for the deprecated and
    broken nodemask_t interface.
  + Remove support for "Proc" type name, it was superseded by "PU" in v1.0.
  + Remove hwloc-mask symlinks, it was replaced by hwloc-calc in v1.0.
* Misc
  + Non-printable characters are dropped from strings during XML export.
  + Assert hwloc_is_thissystem() in several I/O related helpers.
  + Limit the number of retries when operating on all threads within a
    process on Linux if the list of threads is heavily getting modified.


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