I just released 1.6rc2 (mirrors will update soon).

Changes since rc1 are minor:
* Fix the filtering of I/O objects when importing XML topologies
* Some documentation additions about synthetic topologies
* Misc doc updates
* A minor build fix


Le 13/11/2012 13:44, Brice Goglin a écrit :
> The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
> release candidate for v1.6:
>    http://www.open-mpi.org/projects/hwloc/
> v1.6rc1 is the first milestone of a major feature release. It brings
> a significant rework of the core which eases the combining of multiple
> topology discovery sources, and future additions of new sources.
> Some components may also now be built and loaded as separate plugins,
> which should make distribution packagers' life easier.
> Aside of this core rework, we have the usual set of small API additions
> (one may now export/import its own custom private data to XML), new
> command-line tools (hwloc-annotate), new command-line options, some
> small discovery improvements.
> They are also a couple bug fixes that were waiting for a v1.5.2 release,
> that may or may not ever exist.
> Please test it, and feel free to pass by the Inria booth at SC12
> (#1209) to discuss all this and/or report problems.
> --
> Brice
> Version 1.6.0
> -------------
> * Major changes
>   + Reorganize the backend infrastructure to support dynamic selection
>     of components and dynamic loading of plugins. For details, see the
>     new documentation section Components and plugins.
>     - The HWLOC_COMPONENTS variable lets one replace the default discovery
>       components.
>     - Dynamic loading of plugins may be enabled with --enable-plugins
>       (except on AIX and Windows). It will build libxml2 and libpci
>       support as separated modules. This helps reducing the dependencies
>       of the core hwloc library when distributed as a binary package.
> * Backends
>   + Add CPUModel detection on Darwin and x86/FreeBSD.
>     Thanks to Robin Scher for providing ways to implement this.
>   + The x86 backend now adds CPUModel info attributes to socket objects
>     created by other backends that do not natively support this attribute.
>   + Fix detection on FreeBSD in case of cpuset restriction. Thanks to
>     Sebastian Kuzminsky for reporting the problem.
> * XML
>   + Add hwloc_topology_set_userdata_import/export_callback(),
>     hwloc_export_obj_userdata() and _userdata_base64() to let
>     applications specify how to save/restore the custom data they placed
>     in the userdata private pointer field of hwloc objects.
> * Tools
>   + Add hwloc-annotate program to add string info attributes to XML
>     topologies.
>   + Add --pid-cmd to hwloc-ps to append the output of a command to each
>     PID line. May be used for showing Open MPI process ranks, see the
>     hwloc-ps(1) manpage for details.
>   + hwloc-bind now exits with an error if binding fails; the executable
>     is not launched unless binding suceeeded or --force was given.
>   + Add --quiet to hwloc-calc and hwloc-bind to hide non-fatal error
>     messages.
>   + Fix command-line pid support in windows tools.
>   + All programs accept --verbose as a synonym to -v.
> * Misc
>   + Fix some DIR descriptor leaks on Linux.
>   + Fix I/O device lists when some were filtered out after a XML import.
>   + Add missing Backend string info on Solaris in most cases.
>   + When merging objects with HWLOC_IGNORE_TYPE_KEEP_STRUCTURE or
>     lstopo --merge, compare object types before deciding which one of two
>     identical object to remove (e.g. keep sockets in favor of caches).
>   + Add some GUID- and LID-related info attributes to OpenFabrics
>     OS devices.
>   + Only add CPUType socket attributes on Solaris/Sparc. Other cases
>     don't report reliable information (Solaris/x86), and a replacement
>     is available as the Architecture string info in the Machine object.
>   + Document object attributes and string infos in a new Attributes
>     section in the documentation.

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