The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.6.1:

v1.6.1 is a bug fix release which addresses all known bugs in the
v1.6 serie.

* Fix some crash or buggy detection in the x86 backend when Linux
  cgroups/cpusets restrict the available CPUs.
* Fix the pkg-config output with --libs --static.
  Thanks to Erik Schnetter for reporting one of the problems.
* Fix the output of hwloc-calc -H --hierarchical when using logical
  indexes in the output.
* Calling hwloc_topology_load() multiple times on the same topology
  is officially deprecated. hwloc will warn in such cases.
* Add some documentation about existing plugins/components, package
  dependencies, and I/O devices specification on the command-line.


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