The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.10.0:

v1.10.0 is the new feature release. There is no new major change
in this release, just improvements everywhere.
If you are buying new Intel Xeon E5 with 10 cores or more, this
release is required for proper Socket/NUMA detection until the
Linux kernel gets fixed.

  + Add hwloc_topology_export_synthetic() to export a topology to a
    synthetic string without using lstopo. See the Synthetic topologies
    section in the documentation.
  + Add hwloc_topology_set/get_userdata() to let the application save
    a private pointer in the topology whenever it needs a way to find
    its own object corresponding to a topology.
  + Add hwloc_get_numanode_obj_by_os_index() and document that this function
    as well as hwloc_get_pu_obj_by_os_index() are good at converting
    nodesets and cpusets into objects.
  + hwloc_distrib() does not ignore any objects anymore when there are
    too many of them. They get merged with others instead.
    Thanks to Tim Creech for reporting the issue.
* Tools
  + hwloc-bind --get <command-line> now executes the command after displaying
    the binding instead of ignoring the command entirely.
    Thanks to John Donners for the suggestion.
  + Clarify that memory sizes shown in lstopo are local by default
    unless specified (total memory added in the root object).
* Synthetic topologies
  + Synthetic topology descriptions may now specify attributes such as
    memory sizes and OS indexes. See the Synthetic topologies section
    in the documentation.
  + lstopo now exports in this fully-detailed format by default.
    The new option --export-synthetic-flags may be used to revert
    back the old format.
* Documentation
  + Add the doc/examples/ subdirectory with several real-life examples,
    including the already existing hwloc-hello.C for basics.
    Thanks to Rob Aulwes for the suggestion.
  + Improve the documentation of CPU and memory binding in the API.
  + Add a FAQ entry about operating system errors, especially on AMD
    platforms with buggy cache information.
  + Add a FAQ entry about loading many topologies in a single program.
* Misc
  + Work around buggy Linux kernels reporting 2 sockets instead
    1 socket with 2 NUMA nodes for each Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell) processor.
  + pciutils/libpci support is now removed since libpciaccess works
    well and there's also a Linux-specific PCI backend. For the record,
    pciutils was GPL and therefore disabled by default since v1.6.2.
  + Add --disable-cpuid configure flag to work around buggy processor
    simulators reporting invalid CPUID information.
    Thanks for Andrew Friedley for reporting the issue.
  + Fix a racy use of libltdl when manipulating multiple topologies in
    different threads.
    Thanks to Andra Hugo for reporting the issue and testing patches.
  + Fix some build failures in private/misc.h.
    Thanks to Pavan Balaji and Ralph Castain for the reports.
  + Fix failures to detect X11/Xutil.h on some Solaris platforms.
    Thanks to Siegmar Gross for reporting the failure.
  + The plugin ABI has changed, this release will not load plugins
    built against previous hwloc releases.

Changes since v1.10rc1 are minor.

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