A new release candidate (1.11rc2) is available with the following
noticeable additional changes:

* Tools
  + lstopo
    - Add --restrict-flags to configure the behavior of --restrict.
    - Really export all verbose information to the given output file.
* Misc
  + Fix hwloc/cudart.h for machines with multiple PCI domains,
    thanks to Imre Kerr for reporting the problem.
  + Fix some corner case in the building of levels on large NUMA machines
    with non-uniform NUMA groups and I/Os.


Le 02/06/2015 17:06, Brice Goglin a écrit :
> The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
> release candidate for v1.11.0:
>    http://www.open-mpi.org/projects/hwloc/
> v1.11.0rc1 is the first milestone of a major feature release.
> It brings support for the upcoming "Knights Landing" Xeon Phi,
> more information about memory and storage devices on Linux,
> as well as many small improvements everywhere.
> By the way, there is now a best of lstopo at
>    http://www.open-mpi.org/projects/hwloc/lstopo/
> Version 1.11.0
> --------------
> * API
>   + Socket objects are renamed into Package to align with the terminology
>     used by processor vendors. The old HWLOC_OBJ_SOCKET type and "Socket"
>     name are still supported for backward compatibility.
>   + HWLOC_OBJ_NODE is replaced with HWLOC_OBJ_NUMANODE for clarification.
>     HWLOC_OBJ_NODE is still supported for backward compatibility.
>     "Node" and "NUMANode" strings are supported as in earlier releases.
> * Detection improvements
>   + Add support for Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi.
>     Thanks to Grzegorz Andrejczuk and Lukasz Anaczkowski.
>   + Add Vendor, Model, Revision, SerialNumber, Type and LinuxDeviceID
>     info attributes to Block OS devices on Linux. Thanks to Vineet Pedaballe
>     for the help.
>     - Add --disable-libudev to avoid dependency on the libudev library.
>   + Add "MemoryDevice" Misc objects with information about DIMMs, on Linux
>     when privileged and when I/O is enabled.
>     Thanks to Vineet Pedaballe for the help.
>   + Add a PCISlot attribute to PCI devices on Linux when supported to
>     identify the physical PCI slot where the board is plugged.
>   + Add CPUStepping info attribute on x86 processors,
>     thanks to Thomas Röhl for the suggestion.
>   + Ignore the device-tree on non-Power architectures to avoid buggy
>     detection on ARM. Thanks to Orion Poplawski for reporting the issue.
>   + Work-around buggy Xeon E5v3 BIOS reporting invalid PCI-NUMA affinity
>     for the PCI links on the second processor.
>   + Add support for CUDA compute capability 5.x, thanks Benjamin Worpitz.
>   + Many fixes to the x86 backend
>     - Add L1i and fix L2/L3 type on old AMD processors without topoext 
> support.
>     - Fix Intel CPU family and model numbers when basic family isn't 6 or 15.
>     - Fix package IDs on recent AMD processors.
>     - Fix misc issues due to incomplete APIC IDs on x2APIC processors.
>     - Avoid buggy discovery on old SGI Altix UVs with non-unique APIC IDs.
>   + Gather total machine memory on NetBSD.
> * Tools
>   + lstopo
>     - Collapse identical PCI devices unless --no-collapse is given.
>       This avoids gigantic outputs when a PCI device contains dozens of
>       identical virtual functions.
>     - The ASCII art output is now called "ascii", for instance in
>       "lstopo -.ascii".
>       The former "txt" extension is retained for backward compatibility.
>     - Automatically scales graphical box width to the inner text in Cairo,
>       ASCII and Windows outputs.
>     - Add --rect to lstopo to force rectangular layout even for NUMA nodes.
>     - Objects may have a Type info attribute to specific a better type name
>       and display it in lstopo.
>   + hwloc-annotate
>     - May now operate on all types of objects, including I/O.
>     - May now insert Misc objects in the topology.
>     - Do not drop instruction caches and I/O devices from the output anymore.
>   + Fix lstopo path in hwloc-gather-topology after install.
> * Misc
>   + Fix PCI Bridge-specific depth attribute.
>   + Fix hwloc_bitmap_intersect() for two infinite bitmaps.
>   + Improve the performance of object insertion by cpuset for large
>     topologies.
>   + Prefix verbose XML import errors with the source name.
>   + Improve pkg-config checks and error messages.
>   + Fix excluding after a component with an argument in the HWLOC_COMPONENTS
>     environment variable.
>   + Fix the recommended way in documentation and examples to allocate memory
>     on some node, it should use HWLOC_MEMBIND_BIND.
>     Thanks to Nicolas Bouzat for reporting the issue.
>   + Add a "Miscellaneous objects" section in the documentation.
>   + Add a FAQ entry "What happens to my topology if I disable symmetric
>     multithreading, hyper-threading, etc. ?" to the documentation.
> --
> Brice

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