The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
release candidate of v1.11.1.

v1.11.1 will be a bug fix release which addresses all known bugs in the
v1.11 series.

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.11:

* Detection fixes
  + Hardwire the topology of Fujitsu K-computer, FX10, FX100 servers to
    workaround buggy Linux kernels.
    Thanks to Takahiro Kawashima and Gilles Gouaillardet.
  + Fix L3 cache information on AMD Opteron 61xx Magny-Cours processors
    in the x86 backend. Thanks to Guillaume Beauchamp for the patch.
  + Detect block devices directly attached to PCI without a controller,
    for instance NVMe disks. Thanks to Barry M. Tannenbaum.
  + Add the PCISlot attribute to all PCI functions instead of only the
    first one.
* Miscellaneous internal fixes
  + Ignore PCI bridges that could fail assertions by reporting buggy
    secondary-subordinate bus numbers
    Thanks to George Bosilca for reporting the issue.
  + Fix an overzealous assertion when inserting an intermediate Group object
    while Groups are totally ignored.
  + Fix a memory leak on failure to load a xml diff file.
  + Fix some segfaults when inputting an invalid synthetic description.
* Many fixes and improvements in the Windows backend:
  + Fix the discovery of more than 32 processors and multiple processor
    groups. Thanks to Barry M. Tannenbaum for the help.
  + Add thread binding set support in case of multiple process groups.
  + Add thread binding get support.
  + Add get_last_cpu_location() support for the current thread.
  + Disable the unsupported process binding in case of multiple processor
  + Fix/update the Visual Studio support under contrib/windows.
    Thanks to Eloi Gaudry for the help.
* Tools fixes
  + Fix a segfault when displaying logical indexes in the graphical lstopo.
    Thanks to Guillaume Mercier for reporting the issue.
  + Fix lstopo linking with X11 libraries, for instance on Mac OS X.
    Thanks to Scott Atchley and Pierre Ramet for reporting the issue.
  + hwloc-annotate, hwloc-diff and hwloc-patch do not drop unavailable
    resources from the output anymore and those may be annotated as well.
  + Command-line tools may now import XML from the standard input with -i -.xml


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