The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.11.2:

v1.11.2 will address all known bugs in the v1.11 series and bring
some minor new features (mostly improvements for x86, especially KNL).

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.11.1:

* Improve support for Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi on Linux:
  + Group local NUMA nodes of normal memory (DDR) and high-bandwidth memory
    (MCDRAM) together through "Cluster" groups so that the local MCDRAM is
    easy to find.
    - See "How do I find the local MCDRAM NUMA node on Intel Knights
      Landing Xeon Phi?" in the documentation.
    - For uniformity across all KNL configurations, always have a NUMA node
      object even if the host is UMA.
  + Fix the detection of the memory-side cache:
    - Add the hwloc-dump-hwdata superuser utility to dump SMBIOS information
      into /var/run/hwloc/ as root during boot, and load this dumped
      information from the hwloc library at runtime.
    - See "Why do I need hwloc-dump-hwdata for caches on Intel Knights
      Landing Xeon Phi?" in the documentation.
  Thanks to Grzegorz Andrejczuk for the patches and for the help.
* The x86 and linux backends may now be combined for discovering CPUs
  through x86 CPUID and memory from the Linux kernel.
  This is useful for working around buggy CPU information reported by Linux
  (for instance the AMD Bulldozer/Piledriver bug below).
  Combination is enabled by passing HWLOC_COMPONENTS=x86 in the environment.
* Fix L3 cache sharing on AMD Opteron 63xx (Piledriver) and 62xx (Bulldozer)
  in the x86 backend. Thanks to many users who helped.
* Fix the overzealous L3 cache sharing fix added to the x86 backend in 1.11.1
  for AMD Opteron 61xx (Magny-Cours) processors.
* The x86 backend may now add the info attribute Inclusive=0 or 1 to caches
  it discovers, or to caches discovered by other backends earlier.
  Thanks to Guillaume Beauchamp for the patch.
* Fix the management on alloc_membind() allocation failures on AIX, HP-UX
  and OSF/Tru64.
* Fix spurious failures to load with ENOMEM on AIX in case of Misc objects
  below PUs.
* lstopo improvements in X11 and Windows graphical mode:
  + Add + - f 1 shortcuts to manually zoom-in, zoom-out, reset the scale,
    or fit the entire window.
  + Display all keyboard shortcuts in the console.
* Debug messages may be disabled at runtime by passing HWLOC_DEBUG_VERBOSE=0
  in the environment when --enable-debug was passed to configure.
* Add a FAQ entry "What are these Group objects in my topology?".


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