The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
release candidate of v1.11.3.

v1.11.3 addresses all known bugs in the v1.11 series. It also brings
many small improvements (those that shouldn't wait until the future 2.0
release is ready).

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.11.2:

* Bug fixes
  + Fix a memory leak on Linux S/390 hosts with books.
  + Fix /proc/mounts parsing on Linux by using mntent.h.
    Thanks to Nathan Hjelm for reporting the issue.
  + Fix a x86 infinite loop on VMware due to the x2APIC feature being
    advertised without actually being fully supported.
    Thanks to Jianjun Wen for reporting the problem and testing the patch.
  + Fix the return value of hwloc_alloc() on mmap() failure.
    Thanks to Hugo Brunie for reporting the issue.
  + Fix the return value of command-line tools in some error cases.
  + Do not break individual thread bindings during x86 backend discovery in a
    multithreaded process. Thanks to Farouk Mansouri for the report.
  + Fix hwloc-bind --membind for CPU-less NUMA nodes.
  + Fix some corner cases in the XML export/import of application userdata.
* API Improvements
  + Add HWLOC_MEMBIND_BYNODESET flag so that membind() functions accept
    either cpusets or nodesets.
  + Add hwloc_get_area_memlocation() to check where pages are actually
    allocated. Only implemented on Linux for now.
    - There's no _nodeset() variant, but the new flag HWLOC_MEMBIND_BYNODESET
      is supported.
  + Make hwloc_obj_type_sscanf() parse back everything that may be outputted
    by hwloc_obj_type_snprintf().
* Detection Improvements
  + Allow the x86 backend to add missing cache levels, so that it completes
    what the Solaris backend lacks.
    Thanks to Ryan Zezeski for reporting the issue.
  + Do not filter-out FibreChannel PCI adapters by default anymore.
    Thanks to Matt Muggeridge for the report.
  + Add support for CUDA compute capability 6.x.
* Tools
  + Add --support to hwloc-info to list supported features, just like with
    - Also add --objects and --topology to explicitly switch between the
      default modes.
  + Add --tid to let hwloc-bind operate on individual threads on Linux.
  + Add --nodeset to let hwloc-bind report memory binding as NUMA node sets.
  + hwloc-annotate and lstopo don't drop application userdata from XMLs anymore.
    - Add --cu to hwloc-annotate to drop these application userdata.
  + Make the hwloc-dump-hwdata dump directory configurable through configure
    options such as --runstatedir or --localstatedir.
* Misc Improvements
  + Add systemd service template contrib/systemd/hwloc-dump-hwdata.service
    for launching hwloc-dump-hwdata at boot on Linux.
    Thanks to Grzegorz Andrejczuk.
  + Add HWLOC_PLUGINS_BLACKLIST environment variable to prevent some plugins
    from being loaded. Thanks to Alexandre Denis for the suggestion.
  + Small improvements for various Windows build systems,
    thanks to Jonathan L Peyton.


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