The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
release candidate of v1.11.4.

v1.11.4 addresses all known bugs in the v1.11 series. It also brings
one small improvement.

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.11.3:

* Add MemoryMode and ClusterMode attributes in the Machine object on KNL.
  Add doc/examples/get-knl-modes.c for an example of retrieving them.
  Thanks to Grzegorz Andrejczuk.
* Fix Linux build with -m32 with respect to libudev.
  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for reporting the issue.
* Fix build with Visual Studio 2015, thanks to Eloi Gaudry for reporting
  the issue and providing the patch.
* Don't forget to display OS device children in the graphical lstopo.
* Fix a memory leak on Solaris, thanks to Bryon Gloden for the patch.
* Properly handle realloc() failures, thanks to Bryon Gloden for reporting
  the issue.


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