The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.11.7:

v1.11.7 addresses all known bugs in the v1.11 series. It also brings
some small improvements.

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.11.6:

* Fix hwloc-bind --membind for CPU-less NUMA nodes (again).
  Thanks to Gilles Gouaillardet for reporting the issue.
* Fix a memory leak on IBM S/390 platforms running Linux.
* Fix a memory leak when forcing the x86 backend first on amd64/topoext
  platforms running Linux.
* Command-line tools now support "hbm" instead "numanode" for filtering
  only high-bandwidth memory nodes when selecting locations.
  + hwloc-bind also support --hbm and --no-hbm for filtering only or
    no HBM nodes.
  Thanks to Nicolas Denoyelle for the suggestion.
* Add --children and --descendants to hwloc-info for listing object
  children or object descendants of a specific type.
* Add --no-index, --index, --no-attrs, --attrs to disable/enable display
  of index numbers or attributes in the graphical lstopo output.
* Try to gather hwloc-dump-hwdata output from all possible locations
  in hwloc-gather-topology.
* Updates to the documentation of locations in hwloc(7) and
  command-line tools manpages.

Changes since 1.11.7rc2 are minor.


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