The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.11.10:

v1.11.10 addresses all known bugs in the v1.11 series, and brings some

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.11.9:

* Fix detection of cores and hyperthreads on Mac OS X.
* Serialize pciaccess discovery to fix concurrent topology loads in
  multiple threads.
* Fix first touch area memory binding on Linux when thread memory
  binding is different.
* Some minor fixes to memory binding.
* Fix hwloc-dump-hwdata to only process SMBIOS information that correspond
  to the KNL and KNM configuration.
* Add a heuristic for guessing KNL/KNM memory and cluster modes when
  hwloc-dump-hwdata could not run as root earlier.
* Fix discovery of NVMe OS devices on Linux >= 4.0.
* Add get_area_memlocation() on Windows.
* Add CPUVendor, Model, ... attributes on Mac OS X.

All these fixes are also 2.0.1 (only some of them were in 2.0.0).

There are no changes since rc1.

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