hwloc (Hardware Locality) 2.0.4 is now available for download.


The most important change is support for upcoming Intel processors with
multiple Dies per CPU. hwloc release 2.1 will add a new "Die" object.
In the meantime 1.11.13 and 2.0.4 represent those Dies as "Die" groups.

Summary of the changes since 2.0.3:

* Add support for Linux 5.3 new sysfs cpu topology files with Die information.
* Add support for Intel v2 Extended Topology Enumeration in the x86 backend.
* Tiles, Modules and Dies are exposed as Groups for now.
  + HWLOC_DONT_MERGE_DIE_GROUPS=1 may be set in the environment to prevent
    Die groups from being automatically merged with identical parent or 
* Ignore NUMA node information from AMD topoext in the x86 backend,
  unless HWLOC_X86_TOPOEXT_NUMANODES=1 is set in the environment.
* Group objects have a new "dont_merge" attribute to prevent them from
  being automatically merged with identical parent or children.

All these changes are also in 1.11.13.

2.1 is expected within a month or two with lots of changes.
I don't plan to update 2.0.x anymore once 2.1 is out.

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