If you want to test your software on hardware platforms you don't have
access to, we've created a repository with XML topologies from lots of
quite-common platforms:

Search engine at https://hwloc.gitlabpages.inria.fr/xmls/

Raw repository at https://gitlab.inria.fr/hwloc/xmls/tree/master/xml

Of course, you won't be able to bind your tasks to actual cores from
these fakes topologies (binding will be a no-op), but you will be able
to check whether your placement algorithm (or whatever code that depends
on the topology) performs as expected.

If you wish to add more platforms to the repository, export to XML with
lstopo (from hwloc 2) and send the XML to me or post a pull request to
the gitlab repo.

** Beware that XMLs contain lots of hardware details, you should not
send XMLs from prototype/confidential platforms. **

Things we currently miss:

* more ARM servers

* Intel CascadeLake-AP 92xx

* x86 variants from Zhaoxin or Hygon vendors

* anything else?


PS: If you've never used hwloc XMLs in the past, see

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