You may have seen some Android-related commits in hwloc recently.
Valentin (in CC) indeed ported lstopo to Android. The app is now
available in the Play Store

Hopefully your Android kernel and firmware report something interesting
about your CPU and caches.

Besides being a good development exercice, this will also ease the
testing of many more ARM architectures. This includes exposing
information about hybrid CPUs (big.LITTLE) in the future (if you see 2
packages on your smartphone, it' likely a single CPU with 2 kinds of cores).

For those wondering about iOS: we thought iOS would expose topology
information in sysctl just like MacOS does, but we don't get anything
but the number of PUs from there. We don't know how to get more
information, and we would rather not hardwire the topology of every
iphone/ipad model :) We'll be happy to revive the project if anybody
knows how to improve this.


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