hwloc (Hardware Locality) 2.4.1 is now available for download.


v2.4.1 fixes several bugs. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

The following is a summary of the changes since v2.4.0:

* Fix AMD OpenCL device locality when PCI bus or device number >= 128.
  Thanks to Edgar Leon for reporting the issue.
  + Applications using any of the following inline functions must
    be recompiled to get the fix: hwloc_opencl_get_device_pci_busid()
    hwloc_opencl_get_device_cpuset(), hwloc_opencl_get_device_osdev().
* Fix the ranking of cpukinds on non-Windows systems,
  thanks to Ivan Kochin for the report.
* Fix the insertion of custom Groups after loading the topology,
  thanks to Scott Hicks.
* Add support for CPU0 being offline in Linux, thanks to Garrett Clay.
* Fix missing x86 Package and Core objects FreeBSD/NetBSD.
  Thanks to Thibault Payet and Yuri Victorovich for the report.
* Fix the import of very large distances with heterogeneous object types.
* Fix a memory leak in the Linux backend,
  thanks to Perceval Anichini.

There are no changes since rc3.


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