hwloc (Hardware Locality) 2.7.0rc1 is now available for download.


v2.7.0 arrives surprisingly early (less than 2 months after v2.6.0)
because several important changes did not deserve to wait:
* Better topology discovery on large machines running Windows 11 or
  Server 2022.
* Improvements to Windows CMake support.
* Improved oneAPI Level0 support.

Hopefully we will release the final 2.7.0 before christmas.

The following is a summary of the changes since v2.6.0.

Version 2.7.0
* Backends
  + Add support for NUMA nodes and caches with more than 64 PUs across
    multiple processor groups on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
  + Group objects are not created for Windows processor groups anymore,
    except if HWLOC_WINDOWS_PROCESSOR_GROUP_OBJS=1 in the environment.
  + Expose "Cluster" group objects on Linux kernel 5.16+ for CPUs
    that share some internal cache or bus. This can be equivalent
    to the L2 Cache level on some platforms (e.g. x86) or a specific
    level between L2 and L3 on others (e.g. ARM Kungpeng 920).
    Thanks to Jonathan Cameron for the help.
    - HWLOC_DONT_MERGE_CLUSTER_GROUPS=1 may be set in the environment
      to prevent these groups from being merged with identical caches, etc.
  + Improve the oneAPI LevelZero backend:
    - Expose subdevices such as "ze0.1" inside root OS devices ("ze0")
      when the hardware contains multiple subdevices.
    - Add many new attributes to describe device type, and the
      numbers of slices, subslices, execution units and threads.
    - Expose the memory information as LevelZeroHBM/DDR/MemorySize infos.
  + Ignore the max frequencies of cores in Linux cpukinds when the
    base frequencies are available (to avoid exposing hybrid CPUs
    when Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 gives slightly different max
    frequencies to CPU cores).
    - May be reverted by setting HWLOC_CPUKINDS_MAXFREQ=1 in the environment.
* Tools
  + Add --grey and --palette options to switch lstopo to greyscale or
    white-background-only graphics, or to tune individual colors.
* Build
  + Windows CMake builds now support non-MSVC compilers, detect several
    features at build time, can build/run tests, etc.
    Thanks to Michael Hirsch and Alexander Neumann .


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