hwloc (Hardware Locality) 2.10.0 is now available for download.


v2.10.0 is a quite a big release with lots of improvements.
Most of them focus on heterogeneous memory (including CXL)
with the concept of "Tiers" to group similar kinds of NUMA nodes.

But there's also better support for various CPUs (NVIDIA Grace,
LoongArch, AMD, Zhaoxin). And command-line tools have a lot
of new features. Netloc is also finally removed since many people
seem unaware of its death several years ago.

v2.10 is likely the last major release before the new v3.0
appears (hopefully early 2024). v3.0 will slightly break the API
and ABI, remove support from obsolete hardware, etc.
Additional v2.10.x stable releases (and even v2.11.x if necessary)
will be published in parallel to the v3.0 development and early

The following is a summary of the changes since v2.9.3.

Version 2.10.0
* Heterogeneous Memory core improvements
  + Better heuristics to identify the subtype of memory such as HBM,
    DRAM, NVM, CXL-DRAM, etc.
  + Build memory tiers, i.e. sets of NUMA nodes with the same subtype
    and similar performance.
    - NUMA node tier ranks are exposed in the new MemoryTier info
      attribute (starts from 0 for highest bandwidth tier)..
  + See the new Heterogeneous Memory section in the documentation.
  + Add hwloc_topology_free_group_object() to discard a Group created
    by hwloc_topology_alloc_group_object().
* Linux backend
  + Fix cpukinds on NVIDIA Grace to report identical cores even if they
    actually have very small frequency differences.
    Thanks to John C. Linford for the report.
  + Add CXLDevice attributes to CXL DAX objects and NUMA nodes to show
    which PCI device implements which window.
  + Ignore buggy memory-side caches and memory attributes when fake NUMA
    emulation is enabled on the Linux kernel command-line.
  + Add more info attributes in MemoryModule Misc objects,
    thanks to Zubiao Xiong for the patch.
  + Get CPUModel and CPUFamily info attributes on LoongArch platforms.
* x86 backend
  + Add support for new AMD CPUID leaf 0x80000026 for better detection
    of Core Complex and Die on Zen4 processors.
  + Improve Zhaoxin CPU topology detection.
* Tools
  + Input locations and many command-line options (e.g. hwloc-calc -I -N -H,
    lstopo --only) now accept filters such as "NUMA[HBM]" so that only
    objects are that type and subtype are considered.
    - NUMA[tier=1] is also accepted for selecting NUMA nodes depending
      on their MemoryTier info attribute.
  + Add --object-output to hwloc-calc to report the type as a prefix to
    object indexes, e.g. Core:2 instead of 2 in the output of -I.
  + hwloc-info --ancestor and --descendants now accepts kinds of objects
    instead of single types.
    - The new --first option only shows the first matching object.
  + Add --children-of-pid to hwloc-ps to show a hierarchy of processes.
    Thanks to Antoine Morvan for the suggestion.
  + Add --misc-from to lstopo to add Misc objects described in a file.
    - To be combined with the new hwloc-ps --lstopo-misc for a customizable
      lstopo --top replacement.
* Misc
  + lstopo may now configure the layout of memory object placed above,
    for instance with --children-order memory:above:vert.
  + Fix XML import from memory or stdin when using libxml2 2.12.
  + Fix installation failures when configuring with --target,
    thanks to Clement Foyer for the patch.
  + Fix support for 128bit pointer architectures.
  + Remove Netloc.

Changes since 2.10.0rc2 consists mostly in the libxml2 2.12 import fix.

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