hwloc (Hardware Locality) 2.11.0 is now available for download.


v2.11.0 brings some new features as well as many minor
improvements and many bug fixes. Mostly about memory and GPU
management, but not only.

The following is a summary of the changes since v2.10.0.

Version 2.11.0
  + Add HWLOC_MEMBIND_WEIGHTED_INTERLEAVE memory binding policy on
    Linux 6.9+. Thanks to Honggyu Kim for the patch.
    - weighted_interleave_membind is added to membind support bits.
    - The "weighted" policy is added to the hwloc-bind tool.
  + Add hwloc_obj_set_subtype().
* GPU support
  + Don't hide the GPU NUMA node on NVIDIA Grace Hopper.
  + Get Intel GPU OpenCL device locality.
  + Add bandwidths between subdevices in the LevelZero XeLinkBandwidth
  + Fix PCI Gen4+ link speed of NVIDIA GPU obtained from NVML,
    thanks to Akram Sbaih for the report.
* Windows support
  + Fix Windows support when UNICODE is enabled, several hwloc features
    were missing, thanks to Martin for the report.
  + Fix the enabling of CUDA in Windows CMake build,
    Thanks to Moritz Kreutzer for the patch.
  + Fix CUDA/OpenCL test source path in Windows CMake.
* Tools
  + Option --best-memattr may now return multiple nodes. Additional
    configuration flags may be given to tweak its behavior.
  + hwloc-info has a new --get-attr option to get a single attribute.
  + hwloc-info now supports "levels", "support" and "topology"
    special keywords for backward compatibility for hwloc 3.0.
  + The --taskset command-line option is superseded by the new
    --cpuset-output-format which also allows to export as list.
  + hwloc-calc may now import bitmasks described as a list of bits
    with the new "--cpuset-input-format list".
* Misc
  + The MemoryTiersNr info attribute in the root object now says how many
    memory tiers were built. Thanks to Antoine Morvan for the report.
  + Fix the management of infinite cpusets in the bitmap printf/sscanf
    API as well as in command-line tools.
  + Add section "Compiling software on top of hwloc's C API" in the
    documentation with examples for GNU Make and CMake,
    thanks to Florent Pruvost for the help.

Changes since rc1 are mostly cosmetic.

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