Fawzi Mohamed, le Sun 27 Sep 2009 14:09:59 +0200, a écrit :
> the topology load returns the topology of the whole system (I think),  

Nope, else it's a bug :)

> but shouldn't it return the restricted topology (or have a method that  
> returns the restricted topology).

It should already be the default. To get the whole system, see lstopo
--help: --whole-system

> Another thing that would be nice to have (but much less important for  
> me) is having a callback that can be called when/if the topology  
> changes.

I've wondered how to implement topology changes indeed. AIX does have a
SIGRECONFIG signal for this, I don't know any support from other OSes.
that'd mean having to poll for changes, how often, and in which context?
(another thread? an explicit polling request from the application?). I'd
rather avoid the thread usage and just let the application decide both
how often and in which context. In other words, actually maybe all we
need is a function to compare two topologies?


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