Jeff Squyres, le Thu 12 Nov 2009 09:08:45 -0800, a écrit :
> Fair enough.  I think we actually agree -- these emails are quite  
> confusing. :-)

Ok :)

> 1. Let's not mix thread and PIDs into a single argument like Linux does

Ok, I've just done it :)
but in the linux.h header only, for people who really insist on using
the non-portable linux tids.

> 3. Identifying threads by pthread_self() is Good (is that available on  
> all OS's that we care about?)

Some OSes don't have an interface to bind another thread, but when they
do, they provide a way to express that through a pthread_t. AIX's
functions uses kernel tids, but it also provides a conversion function.

> More specifically: IMHO, it would be very nice/useful to be able to get 
> +set the affinity of threads other than the current thread (as  
> identified by pthread_self()), even if that only works on some OS's.

That's already the case since libtopology :)


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