Jeff Squyres wrote:
> I added a truckload more symbol renaming -- please review:

Looks ok.

> However, after adding this stuff, I still see a boatload of public symbols 
> named "hwloc_*".  I assume that these are actually internal symbols, and are 
> only named "hwloc_" so that they're nicely namespace segregated from the 
> top-level application.


> Would it be desirable to have compiler visibility enabled in hwloc?  This 
> allows private hwloc symbols to be truly private -- they would only be 
> visible within libhwloc.  I think all modern compilers have this kind of 
> feature these days.
> It would take some configure mojo and some code changes (i.e., put a DECLSPEC 
> in front of public symbol declarations).  Such things can be copied over from 
> the OMPI code base.

Don't know anything about it, but I am ok with it.


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