I'm still retired, but I found time to update python-hwloc for hwloc
version 1.11.5, the version currently shipped in Fedora 26. I made some
bug-fixes along the way, and built new versions for Fedora 25 and Cento 7
as well.

There are 2 important hosting changes for python-hwloc: the fdeorahosted
git server has been deactivated, and I no longer host files at redhat.com.

The new location of the python-hwloc git tree is

RPM repos for Fedora 25 and 26 and Centos 7 (EPEL) are found at

Other important changes:

Documentation! I wrote a programmer's guide of sorts. It describes all the
classes and their methods, and has a few examples.

For non-RPM distros, setup.py should now be usable to build and install
python-hwloc. Just run it with python2 or python3 (or both) to build the
correct version. Building requires Cython, and the development files for
several other packages. See the lines containing "BuildRequires" in the
top-level python-hwloc.spec file for a list.

One last note about the state of python-hwloc development: I don't have
access to a system with CUDA development files or CUDA devices, so I have
not completed the implementation of CUDA-related features.

I'm in the process of writing (slowly, I'm still retired) a GUI program in
Python to assist in setting process affinities. I'll post when I have it in
a usable state.

Let me know if you are interested in seeing any changes, or have any
problems, in python-hwloc.

--Guy Streeter
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