Turns out Microsoft Visual Studio doesn't support most of C99
(at least dynamic arrays and mixed declaration/code).

I am using some glue for now. However I am not 100% sure
I'll remain happy to restrict hwloc just to support such a
dump compiler (MinGW doesn't have any issue with C99).


Le 27/09/2017 20:52, Brice Goglin a écrit :
> Hello
> hwloc was using C99 7 years ago. We had to revert that in hwloc 1.2
> because some software embedding hwloc needed to support some non-C99
> compilers. Things have changed and C99 is well supported now. So we're
> going to use C99 in hwloc, at least for simple features such as dynamic
> arrays on the stack and designated structure initializer. configure will
> fail if the compiler isn't C99.
> Brice

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