In case you missed the announce yesterday, hwloc 2.0.1rc1 changes the
library soname from 12:0:0 to 15:0:0. On Linux, it means that we'll now
build libhwloc.so.15 instead of libhwloc.so.12. That means any
application built for hwloc 2.0.0 will need to be recompiled against 2.0.1.

I should have set the soname to 15:0:0 in 2.0.0 but I forgot. It may
cause issues because hwloc 1.11.x uses 12:x:y (we have "12" in both).
Given that 2.0.0 isn't widely used yet, I hope this way-too-late change
won't cause too many issues. Sorry.

As said on the download page, we want people to stop using 2.0.0 so that
we can forget this issue. If you already switched to hwloc 2.0.0 (and if
some applications are linked with libhwloc), please try to upgrade to
2.0.1 as soon as possible (final release expected next monday).


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