Hendryk Bockelmann, le Thu 10 Feb 2011 09:08:11 +0100, a écrit :
> On our clusters the job scheduler binds the MPI tasks, but it is not 
> always clear to which resources. So for us it would be great to know 
> where a task runs such that we might adopt the MPI communicators to 
> increase performance.

Ok, so get_cpubind should be enough to know what binding the job
scheduler does.

> Maybe just a note on the hwloc output on the cluster: while on my locale 
> machine all MPI tasks are able to explore the whole topology, on the 
> cluster each task only sees itself, e.g. for task 7:
> 7:Machine#0(Backend=AIXOSName=AIXOSRelease=1OSVersion=6HostName=p191Architecture=00C83AC24C00),
> cpuset: 0x0000c000
> 7:  NUMANode#0, cpuset: 0x0000c000
> 7:    L2Cache#0(0KB line=0), cpuset: 0x0000c000
> 7:      Core#0, cpuset: 0x0000c000
> 7:        PU, cpuset: 0x00004000
> 7:        PU#0, cpuset: 0x00008000
> 7:--> root_cpuset of process 7 is 0x0000c000

Yes, because by default hwloc restricts itself to what you are allowed
to use anyway. To see more, use --whole-system.

> Nevertheless, all MPI-tasks have different cpusets and since the nodes 
> are homogeneous one can guess the whole binding using the information of 
> lstopo and the HostName of each task. Perhaps you can tell me whether 
> such a restricted topology is due to hwloc or due to the fixed binding 
> by the job scheduler?

It's because by default hwloc follows the fixed binding :)


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