Le 05/07/2011 20:13, Alfredo Buttari a écrit :
> Hi all,
> if I understand correctly this routine can tell on which NUMA node(s)
> a specific memory area resides, is this correct?
> Will this routine work on any memory area allocated with any
> allocation routine other than those provided by hwloc?
> Can anybody provide a simple example of usage of this routine?
> I tried something simple like this
>     hwloc_topology_t topology;
>     int *a;
>     hwloc_membind_policy_t *policy;
>     hwloc_nodeset_t nodeset;
>     hwloc_topology_init(&topology);
>     hwloc_topology_load(topology);
>     a = (int *) malloc(1000*sizeof(int));
>     nodeset = hwloc_bitmap_alloc();
>     ret = hwloc_get_area_membind_nodeset( topology, a,
> 1000*sizeof(int), nodeset, policy, HWLOC_MEMBIND_STRICT);
>     printf("---> %d\n",ret);
>     hwloc_topology_destroy(topology);
> but I'm always getting a -1 in ret. What's wrong?


You're running Linux and errno is ENOSYS, right? From what I remember,
it's not supported on Linux because getting memory binding is very
poorly supported. I think we could implement it but it would be very
slow (one get_mempolicy syscall per virtual page or something like that).


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