so, set_membind() merged with HWLOC_MEMBIND_BIND is useless?

The behaviour I want to set is it possible?

2011/9/25 Brice Goglin <brice.gog...@inria.fr>

> Le 25/09/2011 20:57, Gabriele Fatigati a écrit :
> > after done this, memory is allocated not in a local node of thread
> > that does set_membind and malloc, but in node of  thread that touches
> > it. And I don't understand this behaviour :(
> Memory is allocated when first-touched. If there's no area-specific
> policy, it's allocated according to the policy of the thread that
> touches, not according to the policy of the one that did malloc. If you
> want to follow the malloc'er thread, you have to touch right after malloc.
> Brice
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