Dear hwloc users,

The cpuset API (hwloc_cpuset_*) was replaced by the bitmap API
(hwloc_bitmap_*) in v1.1.0, back in december 2010. We kept backward
compatibility by #defin'ing the old API on top of the new one. So you
may stil use the old API in your application (but you would get
"deprecated" warning).

Now, we're thinking of removing this compatiblity layer one day or
another. You would have to upgrade your application to the new API. If
your application must still work with old hwloc too, you may support
both API by #defin'ing the new API on top of the old one as explained at
the end of http://localhost/hwloc/projects/hwloc/doc/v1.3.1/a00010.php

So, is anybody against removing the hwloc/cpuset.h compatibility layer
in the near future (not before v1.5, which may mean Spring 2012) and
letting application deal with this if they really need it?


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