Thanks for the report. I have never seen this issue. I have CentOS 7 VMs
(kvm), lstopo works fine. Did you try this in similar VMs in the past?

When you say "latest hwloc", do you mean "build latest tarball" (1.11.2)
or "installed latest centos package" (1.7)?

First thing to check: run lstopo, let it hang, and check under top
whether it uses 100% CPU or 0% CPU (to see if that's an infinite loop or

Then, run it under gdb:
$ gdb lstopo
Type 'r' and Enter
When things hang, do ctrl-c
Type "where" and send the output to us.

If you got 100% in top above, you should do this multiple time. After
"where", type 'c' to go back to the execution, ctrl+c again, "where"
again and check whether the backtrace is similar.


Le 31/01/2016 04:48, Jianjun Wen a écrit :
> I installed the latest centos 7 (1151) on VM (vmware), then installed
> latest hwloc.
> lstopo command hangs.
> hwloc_topology_load()
> function call also hangs.
> Is this an know issue? How to find out what's wrong?
> thanks
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