It should have been 0x00010b03 but I forgot to increase it unfortunately
(and again in 1.11.6).
I need to add this to my release-TODO-list.

The upcoming 1.11.9 will have the proper HWLOC_API_VERSION (0x00010b06
unless we had something) so that people can at least check for these
features in newer releases...

If you have some configure checks for hwloc, you could add something
there to workaround the issue.


Le 30/10/2017 09:09, Biddiscombe, John A. a écrit :
> Dear list
> According to the release notes Add HWLOC_MEMBIND_BYNODESET flag was added in 
> 1.11.3 - if I protect some code with 
> #if HWLOC_API_VERSION >= 0x00010b00
> then versions 1.11.0, 1.11.1, 1.11.2 still cause build failures.
> is there some VERSION flag that distinguishes between the patch version 
> releases?
> thanks
> JB

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