Good point. In theory, that's possible because we only look at cpusets
(NUMA nodes have cpusets, I/O don't). So the name of the function still
matches its behavior.

However it won't happen in practice with the current code because I/O
are always attached to CPU objects. But it may change in the future with
things like processing-in-memory etc.

Instead of calling this function, you could do a while
(!hwloc_obj_type_is_normal(obj->type)) obj = obj->parent;

I'll update the doc too. Thanks.


Le 14/03/2018 à 22:16, Madhu, Kavitha Tiptur a écrit :
> A follow up question, can the call to hwloc_get_non_io_ancestor_obj() return 
> a numa object? 
>> On Mar 14, 2018, at 3:09 PM, Madhu, Kavitha Tiptur <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> This function was used to query depth of hardware objects of a certain type 
>> to bind processes to objects at the depth or above in Hydra previously. As 
>> you pointed out, the functionality makes no sense with NUMA/IO objects 
>> possibly being at different depths or for objects.
>>> On Mar 14, 2018, at 3:00 PM, Brice Goglin <> wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I can fix the documentation to say that the function always suceeds and
>>> returns the virtual depth for NUMA/IO/Misc.
>>> I don't understand your third sentence. If by "actual depth", you mean
>>> the depth of a (normal) parent where NUMA are attached (for instance the
>>> depth of Package if NUMAs are attached to Packages), see
>>> hwloc_get_memory_parents_depth(). However, you may have NUMA/IO/Misc
>>> attached to parents at different depths, so it doesn't make much sense
>>> in the general case.
>>> What do you use this function for? I thought of removing it from 2.0
>>> because it's hard to define a "usual" order for object types (for
>>> instance L3 can be above or below NUMA for different modern platforms).
>>> Brice
>>> Le 14/03/2018 à 20:24, Madhu, Kavitha Tiptur a écrit :
>>>> Hello folks,
>>>> The function hwloc_get_type_or_above_depth() is supposed to return the 
>>>> depth of objects of type “type" or above. It internally calls 
>>>> hwloc_get_type_depth which returns virtual depths to NUMA, IO and misc 
>>>> objects. In order to retrieve the actual depth of these objects, one needs 
>>>> to call hwloc_get_obj_depth() with virtual depth. Can the documentation be 
>>>> updated to cover this? Or are there plans of changing this behavior?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Kavitha
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