This question was addressed offline while the mailing lists were offline.

We had things like hwloc_bitmap_set_ith_ulong() and
hwloc_bitmap_from_ith_ulong() for packing/unpacking but they weren't
very convenient unless you know multiple ulongs are actually needed to
store the bitmap.

We added new functions to ease things
(hwloc_bitmap_nr/from/to_ulongs()). They will be in the upcoming hwloc 2.1.


Le 23/08/2018 à 04:57, Junchao Zhang a écrit :
> Hello,
>   Suppose I call hwloc on two MPI ranks and get a bitmap on each.  On
> rank 0, I want to bitwise OR the two. How to do that?  I did not find
> bitmap APIs to pack/unpack bitmaps to/from ulongs for MPI send/recv
> purpose. 
>   Thank you.
> --Junchao Zhang
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