Le 02/03/2022 à 09:39, Mike a écrit :

    Please run "lstopo -.synthetic" to compress the output a lot. I
    will be able to reuse it from here and understand your binding mask.

Package:2 [NUMANode(memory=270369247232)] L3Cache:8(size=33554432) L2Cache:8(size=524288) L1dCache:1(size=32768) L1iCache:1(size=32768) Core:1 PU:2(indexes=2*128:1*2)

Ok then your mask 0xffffffff,0xffffffff,,,0xffffffff,0xffffffff corresponds exactly to NUMA node 0 (socket 0). Object cpusets can be displayed on the command-line with "lstopo --cpuset" or "hwloc-calc numa:0".

This would be OK if you're only spawning threads to the first socket. Do you see the same mask for threads on the other socket?


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