Hi Umaoka-san,

Yes, JDK uses the time zone name translations from CLDR. Currently we simply map names from CLDR's standard/daylight/generic to Java's equivalents. Do you mean in CLDR, you guys discussed whether to flip standard/daylight names based on the offset being positive/negative? Or something else?


On 2/13/18 2:20 PM, Yoshito Umaoka wrote:
Hello Sato-san,

As you know, tz database 2018a flipped Europe/Dublin winter/summer time rules. There were many messages posted in the tz mailing list, and Paul Eggert decided to revert the change in tz database 2018c. For future releases, it looks he want to add a zic build option to swap the rule.

We also discussed what to do in CLDR project. For now, we decided not to make any changes for Europe/Dublin in CLDR release 33 (GA in March 2018) at least. We don't have a solid plan for post CLDR 33 releases.

My understanding is that OpenJDK also consumes CLDR zone name data. Is this true? If so, do you have any input for post CLDR 33 releases?

-Yoshito (Unicode CLDR/ICU project)

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