XFree86 4.2 has been released.  Thus, I'd like to start an improvement
of xterm to invoke luit, so that xterm will obey the current LC_CTYPE
locale not only when it is one of UTF-8 locales but also when it is
one of various major locales (which luit supports).

My idea is:
 - adding "-lc" command line option and "locale" resource (boolean)
   to specify whether luit will be invoked or not.
 - luit will be invoked only when locale is other than "C", "POSIX",
   or UTF-8.
 - when luit will be invoked, xterm will be need to be UTF-8 mode.
   This will be done automatically.
 - "xterm -e ..." has to work well even with luit.
 - A new sample resource file "XTerm-locale.ad" will be supplied.
 - manual page will need explanation of this new feature.

If nobody is working on this so far, I'd like to develop this and
to send a patch to XFree86 finally.

Items which need further discussion:
 - emulate doublewidth de-facto standard for east Asian encodings
   (using http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs/scw-proposal.html ?)
 - luit to support more encodings
 - whether xterm or luit will support BiDi or not.  Usage of fribidi
   may have license problem (like Robert Brady's patch).

However, my work above will be able to be started without waiting
for conclusions of these discussions.

Any comments?

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