So where this might fit together is that SET simply profiles JWT so that an 
event can be expressed in secureable JSON format. We define only a set of 
attributes necessary to validate and secure events, but pretty much leave the 
data of the event up to “profiling” specifications that build on it.

A number of us ended up bringing this together because there was a number of 
independent efforts to express very different events doing almost the same 

From my quick scan, one of the options would be that these events could be 
expressed as a profile of SET.

I plan to do the same for SCIM, as does RISC, etc.  The OpenID Logout specs 
already use SET.


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> context of the Security Event BoF/WG.
> Not sure where this sits with the Security Event work, but I2NSF seems to see
> the draft as fairly important.
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