I2NSF participants:

The authors of draft-kumar-i2nsf-client-facing-interface-req have made an 
update aiming to address the comments made during the poll for WG adoption. Can 
you all please check that your comments were addressed and that we're ready to 
move ahead?

Thank you very much. 


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Hi Jianjie and WG chairs,

The “user-group” requirement is there from day one in the draft (version 00 had 
it). We have mentioned this earlier that the requirement draft is a superset of 
all the requirements (including user-group defined in your draft). Please see 
the attached email.

In my opinion, I don’t think it is a good idea to have one draft per 
requirement (it would be too fragmented and cumbersome for developer). 
I propose to have set of draft for client interfaces as following: 

1. One single draft that captures set of requirements → we published one, we 
can add more requirements in that if anything missing.
2. One single draft that takes requirements and propose an informational model. 
We are working on it.
3. One single draft that proposes a YANG data model for the information model.

If we agree, then we should find a way to merge different ideas.


On 10/13/16, 11:05 PM, "Youjianjie" <youjian...@huawei.com> wrote:

    Hi Rakesh,
    I saw the draft also mentions user group and related policies. We already 
defined them in : 
    Maybe it’s better to keep them aligned. 
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    > Hi all,
    > The authors updated the draft with -01 revision that includes changes 
made as
    > per comments from the I2NSF working group members.
    > Regards,
    > Rakesh
    > On 10/9/16, 8:32 PM, "internet-dra...@ietf.org" <internet-dra...@ietf.org>
    > wrote:
    >     A new version of I-D, 
    >     has been successfully submitted by Rakesh Kumar and posted to the
    >     IETF repository.
    >     Name:         draft-kumar-i2nsf-client-facing-interface-req
    >     Revision:     01
    >     Title:                Requirements for Client-Facing Interface to 
    > Controller
    >     Document date:        2016-10-09
    >     Group:                i2nsf
    >     Pages:                22
    >     URL:
    > eq-01.txt
    >     Status:
    >     Htmlized:
    >     Diff:
    > 01
    >     Abstract:
    >        This document captures the requirements for the client-facing
    >        interface to security controller.  The interfaces are based on 
    >        intent instead of developer-specific or device-centric approaches
    >        that would require deep knowledge of specific products and their
    >        security features.  The document identifies the requirements needed
    >        to enforce the user-intent based policies onto network security
    >        functions (NSFs) irrespective of how those functions are realized.
    >        The function may be physical or virtual in nature and may be
    >        implemented in networking or dedicated appliances.
    >     Please note that it may take a couple of minutes from the time of
    > submission
    >     until the htmlized version and diff are available at tools.ietf.org.
    >     The IETF Secretariat
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