Dear I2NSF WG Chairs,

Could I ask for a WG adoption call for our I2NSF NSF capability YANG data
model draft below?

As you know, the NSF-facing interface YANG data model draft below has been
as a WG document recently, which is a companion YANG data model draft to
our capability draft:

This YANG data model for I2NSF NSFs capabilities is well-synchronized with
the information model of the I2NSF NSFs capabilities below:

We authors tried to address John Strassner's comments on the NSF-facing
YANG data model draft on this draft except the object-oriented (OO) design.
This is because these two YANG data model drafts have similar structures
and are synchronized
in the context of the information model.
The OO design and corresponding data structures will be addressed in the
next revision.


Best Regards,
Mr. Jaehoon (Paul) Jeong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Software
Sungkyunkwan University
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