At I2NSF WG session in IETF 102 Montreal, many presentations will be on data 
models. Reading a model you've never looked at off power point slides and 
having no time for discussion is both deathly boring and prone to error.

Therefor we suggest your presentation on data models should have the following 

-        Highlight the major points / problems that the author thinks the WG 
needs to address or review.

-        Highlight the changes from last IETF

-        Include examples of 1 or 2 concrete policies using JSON or XML.

Please circulate those points to the I2NSF mailing list before next Wed. This 
increases the likely-hood that the participants interested in the model won't 
be giving it a cold reading off the slides, and might result in better 
feedback. Criticism is actually way more useful then support in this case..

If there is useful criticism or discussion already on the model, I would 
encourage shaping the presentation / discussion around that rather than that 
trying to present the model in detail in a short slot.

Linda & Yoav

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