As is customary, I have done my AD review of
draft-ietf-i2rs-yang-dc-fabric-network-topology.  First, I would like to
thank the authors - Yan Zhuang, Danian Shi, Rong Gu, and Hari
Ananthakrishnan - for their excellent and quick work on this document.

I do have a few minor comments below, that can be handled while the
document is in IETF Last Call - though sooner is better.  When the last
author responses around IPR notifications are received, Sue will pass this
to me and I'll put it into IETF Last Call.  I expect it to be on the IEST
telechat on March 8.


1) In the Introduction: " may implement a technique
     discussed in NVO3 WG, such as GPE [I-D. draft-ietf-nvo3-vxlan-gpe]."
   Unless there is a strong motivation for referring to VXLAN-GPE, please
   refer to Geneve instead; that is the Standards Track encapsulation that
   NVO3 is doing.

2) Can a device have a role that is both spine and border or both leaf and
  As defined, I don't see that as possible - but it's just a matter of
 device-role.  Is the assumption that the gateway mode determines whether
  border means also spine or also leaf?

 3) leaf traffic-behavior {
            type enumeration {
                enum normal {
                    description "Normal";
  What is "Normal"?  Is this shortest-path first?  Or more flexible?  A few
more words of description
  would be helpful.

4)  container vni-capacity {
         description "Number of vnis that the fabric has";
  Could you please expand VNI and provide a reference (Geneve or VXLAN or
NVO3 Architecture is fine)?

5)  I don't see [I-D.draft-ietf-nvo3-vxlan-gpe] as a normative reference.
Perhaps it is informative - but only mentioned in the introduction and I'm
suggesting changing to refer to Geneve.


a)  description "Links that include within a fabric.";  change to "Links
that are included within the fabric"

b)  description "Ports that include in the fabric.";  change to "Ports that
are included within the  fabric"

c) description "Augmentation for fabric nodes created by faas.";  please
expand "faas"  It isn't defined or used elsewhere.  Perhaps it is "Fabric
As A Service"?

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