I am also not aware of any IPR related to this draft.

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Subject: IPR recall for draft-ietf-i2rs-rib-data-model - Urgent

Greetings I2RS:

We are trying to finalize the I2RS RIB Document, and there has been a question 
regarding our IPR statements raised during the review process.  Due to this 
request, I must do an urgent recall for all authors of the I2RS RIB data model 
to resend their answer to the question: "Do you know of an IPR related to this 
draft"?  I must also ask the WG if they still wish to have 6 authors on this 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the query I MUST have all authors respond 
by February 18th.  If at all possible, we need the authors to respond within 48 
hours.  Authors who do not respond by February 18th, may be dropped from the 
authors list until we can get the IPR Statements from the authors.  Alia has 
sent out repeated calls for quick responses on this draft, and we cannot wait 
any longer.

Please note that this is one of the required duties of a WG chair to push this 
along during the last phases.  I consider this draft to be one of the key 
drafts of the whole I2RS WG, and I would like to see it in IETF LC on Monday.

Cheerily, Susan Hares
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