This could also be titled "i3-nagbar returns an error with valid
keybinding that cannot execute due to window at edge of screen", but
that's a big subject line.

I am using version 4.2-251-gc8cfc77 on Debian Unstable.  The problem
did not exist in 4.2-1.

I use the key bindings at the end of this email.  If for example, I
have 2 terminal windows open side by side and try by accident to
execute Control+Mod4+Left (grow left side of window west) on the left
had terminal window I receive the i3-nagbar error "The configured
command for this shortcut could not be run successfully".  This is
valid error since I cannot increase the left side of terminal window
left since it's already at the edge of the screen.

So is there a way to disable certain i3-nagbar events that whilst
valid, I can safely ignore and know that I have made a typo with my
window resizing command?

# grow left side west
bindsym Control+Mod4+Left resize grow left 5 px or 5 ppt
# shrink left side east
bindsym Control+Mod4+Right resize shrink left 5 px or 5 ppt
# shrink right side west
bindsym Mod1+Mod4+Left resize shrink right 5 px or 5 ppt
# grow right side east
bindsym Mod1+Mod4+Right resize grow right 5 px or 5 ppt
# grow bottom side south
bindsym Control+Mod4+Down resize grow down 5 px or 5 ppt
# shrink bottom side north
bindsym Control+Mod4+Up resize shrink down 5 px or 5 ppt
# shrink top side south
bindsym Mod1+Mod4+Down resize shrink up 5 px or 5 ppt
# grow top side north
bindsym Mod1+Mod4+Up resize grow up 5 px or 5 ppt

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